r a w   c a c a o


 c o c o n u t     b l o s s o m    s u g a r 



  a t    t h e   h i g h e s t   s t a g e. 



Since 2010 goodmoodfood exclusively imports organic coconut- and raw cacaoproducts from Big Tree Farms in direct trade from Bali, Indonesia.

The suppliers are chocolatiers, raw producers, caterers, repackers and private persons in all over europe. All products are availabe in retail and bulk sizes.

Big Tree Farms is producing coconut products and raw cacao since over 15 years in absolute top quality. All goods are fair traded and certified organic. Beside this, all plants are grown by around 15.000 peasant farmers in permaculture, which sustainably preserves the biodiversity of the local rainforest and supports the local economy. The cacao- and palm trees grow wild and are able to naturally enfold.



Alongside the balinese source, goodmoodfood is constantly looking for new innovative producers of "goodmood foods" all around the equator. Due to this sourcing the team around Tobias Fischer is proud to offer high quality raw cacao products from south america since 2017.



"My idea behind goodmoodfood is, to bring a new dimension of organic and high quality food to the market and to the people. All our offered products are planted and harvested with love and passion and processed to a  minimum. In general we care that everyone in the trade- and production chain is equitably remunerated."

Tobias Fischer
founder of goodmoodfood






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